CASE STUDY: California Healthcare Skills Center

Clear Choice System excels at implementing effective strategies to increase our clients' visibility in Google Search results. This case study outlines our work with California Healthcare Skills Center, a leading healthcare training provider in Riverside, CA.

Our main aim was to boost visibility for California Healthcare Skills Center's Google Business Profile and target user intent for keywords like "Nursing Assistant Training Program" and "Healthcare Training." The goal was to augment traffic and stimulate customer engagement.

Over a month, we actively managed and updated California Healthcare Skills Center's Google Business Profile. We added photos that visually represented the training programs, created keyword-rich posts, and ensured that the profile was updated with accurate information about the center and its offerings.

Our proactive efforts resulted in a considerable increase in traffic, including a significant rise in phone calls, direct leads, and website visits. The center's Google Business Profile saw enhanced engagement, improving its visibility and creating a polished brand image.

The strategy of maintaining an engaging and accurate Google Business Profile yielded tangible results, including an 80% increase in customer actions like course inquiries and registrations.

This case study underscores the importance of a well-maintained, up-to-date Google Business Profile. For establishments like the California Healthcare Skills Center, it's an essential tool for improving online visibility, engaging potential students, and driving course registrations.

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