Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
What Kind Of Support Do You Provide?

Support is at the heart of everything we do so supporting you and your business is our top priority. We offer 24/7 email support as well as an easy-to-navigate comprehensive tutorial library for quick answers to your questions.

How Does Your Automation Work?

We provide comprehensive automation that will execute and automate workflows across your high-value business processes. Our smart campaigns will put SMS, Email, Web Chat, Phone Calls, and Calendar Appointments on autopilot.

How Do I Get Started?

Sign up for a Demo of our Basic or Pro plan and see how easy our platform make business management. We hope you’ll join us once you see how we can boost your business.

What Platform Do You Integrate With?

Our integration spans across multiple platforms for simple and seamless automation. We use Zapier to automate between over 2000 other applications with ease.

How Secure Is My Customer Data?

In 2021, data privacy and security is every company’s obligation. That’s why we ensure compliance with all governing laws and regulations, as well as provide extra protection against security breaches.

How will I know about the status of my ranking?

Clear Choice System will be sharing results every month. Custom reports will be generated for you to make the best marketing decisions for your business.

I’m ranking, but why am I not receiving any calls?

Top ranking does not guarantee all profile visits will convert into leads/clients. Client standards will always vary and market demand will impact call volume. Although Clear Choice System will bring you prospects, it is important that you upkeep the presentation of your business. This may include having quality photos, avoiding bad reviews, having information available to your clients, etc.

Can I hide personal information on my Google My Business?

Yes, you can have a “service-only” business for your Google My Business, which will hide any personal information.

Why am I getting bombarded with calls from other companies similar to Clear Choice?

As your rank starts improving, you will generally start receiving more calls. Companies claiming to improve your ranking, similar to Clear Choice, will naturally happen.

What do i need to do to get the best results?

Result vary depending of the city your business is located but most businesses experience the best results when they complete the following requirements:

1. Join the Onboarding Call

2. Fill out and Submit all fields on our Intake Form

3. Submit your client list with over 1000 customer contacts

4. Send the minimum required amount of 100 photos for optimization.

I have the photos you require, but where do I send them?

You have three options to submit your photos:

1. Email the photos to or to

2. Share them via our Lead Connector Slack Channel

3. Share your photos via our upload link Click HERE

Do I need to create a Twilio Account?

No, Clear Choice System will provide a Twilio number that will be leased to you.

What is a Lift-Off Call?

It is an onboarding Zoom call with one of our Account Managers. On the lift-off call, we make sure that you and Clear Choice System have everything you need to start your road to success.

What if I want to be ranked in a different city?

We can’t help you in this case because these restrictions are set by the Google algorithm. However, if your Google My Business has good reviews and outstanding performance, you will be getting traffic from 2-5 or more cities depending on your optimization and time.

I don’t have a physical address for my business and I am using my home address. Can that address be hidden on Google?

Yes, we can set it up without your home address, please make sure you tell this to your Account Manager so our team makes sure it is hidden.

Why am I still not ranking?

Ranking depends on a lot of factors such as customer reviews, creating new posts, and uploading the latest photos of your business (especially at-work photos). In most cases, if you are not ranking, one of our Account Managers will be reaching out to you and asking for the required content so we can help optimize and compete with the businesses in your city.

Why does my business not show up when I Google it?

In most cases, when a business is not verified with Google, you or your customers won’t be able to find it on Google. If it is verified and still not appearing, then it needs Clear Choice Optimization. Google searches are now GEO location based and results will vary every 50-100 unique searches.

What should I do if I have no new photos to provide?

We won’t ask you about new photos unless your Google My Business needs new content and activity. If new photos are needed, we believe any business owner or assistant can easily take photos with their phone. We’ll also share instructions to help explain what photos are required and how to take them, so you don’t have to Google it.

Is it okay to have Geotags in different locations?

If you have a service based Google My Business profile without a business address, then geotags in different locations are okay. This does not apply for a business that has a permanent business address.

What keywords can we use to help my business’s searchability?

We can’t say unless we look at the services you are providing. Once you give us your services, we’ll help you add the right keywords/categories on Google so you are discovered for the service you’re offering in your city.

Do you use and provide heat maps?

Yes, we do upon making a request for it.

What if Google changes its algorithm while you’re in the process of optimizing?

Our software runs on a smart AI, so if it senses any changes in Google’s algorithm our software immediately adapts to the new changes. However, it takes 2 weeks to apply and optimize the new changes, which will be under review by Google.

How do I know what keywords or categories are listed for my business?

You can always visit your Google My Business profile and check your info tab or ask your Account Manager to give you all the information.

What is a keyword?

Keywords are ideas and topics that define what your content is about. In terms of Google My Business, they’re the words and phrases that searchers enter into search engines (also called “search queries”), which help put your profile in front of your potential customers.