Case Study

LuXe Nails

LuXe Nails, an upscale nail salon located at 2902 West 86th Street, Suite 50, Indianapolis, achieved remarkable online growth in just 2 months with the collaboration of Clear Choice System. Our shared objective was not just amplifying LuXe Nails’ online visibility but also converting that visibility into tangible business growth.

LuXe Nails

Transformational Outcomes

Within a mere two months, LuXe Nails’ Google Business Profile reviews skyrocketed from 463 to 1418, and its star rating surged from 4.1 to an impressive 4.5!

LuXe Nails

Strategies Deployed

Profile Information Optimization: Essential details such as address, contact number, operating hours, and a detailed list of services were updated, making it effortless for potential customers to discover and connect with LuXe Nails.

High-Quality Photographs: Top-tier images highlighting the salon’s luxurious ambiance and diverse nail services were added, creating an immediate and positive visual impact.

Encouraging Positive Reviews: We mobilized contented clients to voice their positive experiences. The influx of positive reviews enhanced LuXe Nails’ online standing and increased its visibility. Each review received a timely response, underscoring their dedication to client feedback.

Promotions and Special Offers: Engaging posts spotlighting current promotions drew potential customers closer, enticing them to choose LuXe Nails for their next pampering session.

LuXe Nails

Impactful Results

Visibility: A marked uptick in search result appearances made it easier for potential clients to spot and select LuXe Nails.

Elevated Customer Engagement: Users interacted more deeply with the profile—exploring photos, perusing reviews, and interacting with posts. This heightened engagement indicated stronger customer interest and conversion potential.

Increased Customer Acquisition: Positive reviews and compelling promotions worked in tandem with the optimized profile, ushering in a wave of new clients for LuXe Nails.

The remarkable addition of over 623 reviews in the last 30 days stands as a testament to this boost in engagement.

Enhanced Visibility: LuXe Nails’ Google Business Profile experienced a noticeable rise in visibility on search results pages. The increased visibility allowed potential customers to discover LuXe Nails and consider it for their nail care needs.

Elevated Customer Engagement: Engagement levels on LuXe Nails’ Google Business Profile surged. Users were spending more time on the profile – browsing through pictures, reading reviews, and engaging with the content. This heightened engagement signified a higher level of interest and potential for customer conversion.

Increased Customer Acquisition: The enhanced Google Business Profile, coupled with positive reviews and enticing promotions, resulted in a significant growth in new customer acquisition. LuXe Nails started drawing in new customers, who were won over by the appealing profile and positive reviews from existing clients.

In fact, over the past 30 days, LuXe Nails has received over 623 new reviews, indicating a marked increase in customer interaction and engagement.

LuXe Nails
LuXe Nails

This success story underscores the pivotal role an optimized Google Business Profile plays for businesses, like LuXe Nails. Leveraging strategies to boost visibility, engage prospects, and present captivating information, LuXe Nails not only amplified its online presence but also expanded its clientele.

Clear Choice System’s expertise in this domain ensures businesses, from nail salons to a vast array of industries, can harness the power of digital visibility and engagement.