Case Study

K Nails

K Nails, a prominent nail salon located in Bridgewater Township, New Jersey, sought to enhance its online visibility and attract a broader clientele. To achieve this goal, they partnered with Clear Choice System. Our strategy for K Nails involved a range of tactics designed to optimize the salon’s online presence

K Nails Results

Our strategy for K Nails involved a range of tactics designed to optimize the salon’s online presence:

Profile Optimization: We started by ensuring that K Nails’ Google Business Profile was fully updated with accurate details, including their location, hours of operation, and a comprehensive list of their services. We recognized that potential customers must have access to this critical information to consider K Nails for their next salon visit.

High-Quality Photos: To further enhance K Nails’ profile, we added professional photos showcasing the salon’s modern and serene interior, as well as images displaying the wide range of nail services they offer. We aimed to create a virtual walkthrough experience for potential customers, giving them a feel for the ambiance and the quality of service they could expect at K Nails.

K Nails Results

Boosting Online Reviews: To foster trust and credibility, we encouraged satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on the salon’s Google Business Profile. We knew these reviews would play an important role in improving K Nails’ online reputation and visibility on search result pages. Moreover, we made sure to promptly respond to these reviews, underlining K Nails’ dedication to their customers’ feedback and satisfaction.

Promotional Content: Lastly, we highlighted K Nails’ current special offers and promotions on their Google Business Profile. These engaging posts served to catch the eye of potential customers and incentivize them to choose K Nails for their nail care needs.

K Nails Results

Following the execution of Clear Choice System’s strategies, K Nails experienced noticeable results:

Improved Visibility: K Nails’ Google Business Profile saw significant growth in visibility, making it easier for potential customers to discover the salon in their search for quality nail care services.

Increased Customer Engagement: The salon noticed a rise in customer engagement, with more users spending time on the profile, interacting with the content, and considering K Nails for their next visit.

 Customer Acquisition: The combination of an optimized Google Business Profile, positive reviews, and promotional content led to an increase in customer acquisition for K Nails. The salon successfully drew in new customers attracted by the salon’s engaging online presence and positive customer feedback.

K Nails Results

This case study highlights the importance of maintaining a well-optimized Google Business Profile in attracting a broader customer base. Through effective strategies to enhance online visibility and customer engagement, K Nails managed to bolster its digital presence and increase its clientele.

With Clear Choice System’s proven expertise in optimizing Google Business Profiles, businesses like K Nails can leverage these strategies to drive customer engagement and facilitate business growth.


With the success of K Nails, Clear Choice System is ready to assist similar businesses in enhancing their digital visibility, engaging with customers, and stimulating business growth. By focusing on these crucial aspects, businesses can effectively compete in today’s digital marketplace.